Disciplines - Adrien MATTER

All those practices have in common the cultivation of conscious breathing, body awareness, core strength and spinal integrity


Yin Yoga : A restorative type of Yoga focusing on the ease while adopting the postures, the release of physical and emotional tensions and the flow of energy. This style is well known for its healing effects.

Body Mind Centering : A method based on psycho somatic integration, cultivating harmony between the different systems composing the individual (skeletal, muscular, nervous, visceral, fluidic) and their effects on posture, movement and emotions.

Tai Cuc Quyên (Tai Chi) : Internal martial art based on fluid and precise movements coordinated with the breath. Practice is an invitation to listen to the rhythms within oneself and in the world.

Feldenkrais : Functional integration method based on the education of the nervous system and the infinite potential of neuroplasticity.


Yoga Vinyasa : An intense and precise practice based on a deep and fluid breath.

Võ : Martial art based on the study of the various aspects of fighting. The goal is to cultivate a resilient and non violent force.

Pilates : Hollistic calisthenics practiced either on a mat or on apparatus. It is famous for its impact on core strength, spinal integrity and lower back pain relief. The method is based on body awareness, postural and dynamic integration and the expression of athletic capacities.

Parkour : Method of urban locomotion developing an instinctive conscience of movement and supporting the integration of the individual within the environment.

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